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I'm in Japan!

It's fun! Btw not from this machine, but I did win a small stuffed Pikachu in one similar to it. :3 Rainy season seems to finally be over which means in the couple of weeks I've been here I'm finally seeing blue skies~ The beach is super close and I went there tonight. Weee. I have tons of pictures but don't want so spam them for no reason, so if anyone has specific requests, do let me know and I'll see what I can do~
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going to taiwan!

For a quick two week study abroad thing in August! I don't know why I keep getting accepted into things that I'm underqualified for, but whatevar! In the morning we learn Chinese and Taiwanese history. And there's one class about sports in Taiwan which I will probably skip. :D Then in the afternoon we go on cultural field trips to places like temples, museums, tea tradition shiz and stuff.

Oh, btw, I know virtually no Chinese. So this will basically be a summary of the whole trip:

Maybe I'll try to make posts about my experience and stuff. But probably not! I should at least have some pictures though. :3 Weeeeee~

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This idea just popped into my head and I decided to write about it here since I haven't posted anything in approximately 37 months.

One thing that annoys me is when people think they're better fans of artists if they've known about their existence for a longer amount of time than other fans. I originally thought this concept of "being the better fan" was only true in the idol fandom, but when I thought about it, I've seen it elsewhere.

On AHS, there's a poll that goes something like, "During which album's release did you become a fan?" I think a lot of people lied about it based on their join dates and the way they word their responses with an air of superiority. Then of course you have those winners who claim to have known and loved Ayu since NOTHING FROM NOTHING or whatever that mess was called. I'm not saying everyone lied, but I think there were a fair number of liars. Although I knew who Ayu was, I didn't become an actual fan of hers until Mirrorcle World was released, so I think some time after Guilty. (Btw I just realized like a couple of weeks ago that in the CD+DVD Guilty cover Ayu has super long animal like nails. Fail.) While I voted accurately, after reading the thread I felt self conscious about it so I didn't reply.

Then, regarding Momusu, you have people who word things like they've been fans since when the 5th generation joined in 2001 or something. "I was surprised when Konkon was picked to be in the group." Or "I never liked Sayu from day one." Then I click on their profile and they were born in like 1995.

Why does this bother me? Well, I think it's kind of sad that people feel the need to lie for the sake of appearances. It's also sad that fans judge other fans based on menial details. I don't know, I guess I'm not really sure what a "true fan" is and why some are so concerned about being portrayed as such. What do you guys think?
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meme responses

- leave a comment saying "Chu chu summer party"
- i'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

Questions from awkwardnormalcy

Biggest H!P bias, and why? (and not just 'she's cute!')
I have to go with Sayu because she's cute. XDD, really though, I like her personality. If I knew her IRL, I'd want to be her friend. I like how she's successful on TV shows and being a variety star is something other active Momusu members haven't really done. I kind of like her voice in recordings also. And she tries in lives, but still obviously sucks...I think her dancing has improved though. She's also my first favorite, so that's where my bias lies.

If you could pick any foreign song for any H!P act to cover, what would it be?
Hmm. This is a good question. Wait, what do you mean by foreign? Like Japanese foreign or foreign to Japanese? I think you mean the latter so I'll just go with that. I'd have to pick something electronic since Pira! Otome no Negai & Okii Hitomi are pretty awesome. I pick the song "Not Fair" by Lily Allen, but the Annie Nightingale & Too Far Remix of it. It's funnnn and it would allow for some more Emomusu. I think C-ute could do it too as long as Maimi doesn't sing any of the lines.

If you could plan a joint stage with any Jpop and Kpop group, then what would it be?
Tough. I wanted to pick 4minute but I don't think any H!P group would look good on the same stage as them..therefore I'm going with Kara with Momusu because Aichan & Linlin sort of already know the dance to Mister. For a Momusu song I'd pick Mikan 'cause I think it fits.

What negative influence (if any) do you think H!P's songs have on the current feminist movements in Japan, and the overall self esteem and views of onself concerning young, Japanese, female fans?
Err..honestly I don't know much/anything about the current feminist movements in Japan. But I don't think that idols have the ability to aid any sort of feminist movement due to the fact that as idols, they're completely objectified. Their main fans are older men who support them by buying mass singles, photocards, and microfiber towels. It almost sends the image that the idols need the men to support and protect them. They can't be idols without them, so therefore they're not independent and not helping feminists.

Who do you think the next graduate will be?
I think the next graduation will probably be joint Aichan & Gaki. They're both pretty old and since new, young members are getting added they won't really fit in. I don't think it'll be for a while though. This would make Sayumi the leader which I also can't see happening..but I don't think H!P is in the position to graduate her due to the PR weapon that she is. Obviously Reina will be staying because she's been begging to be the leader for years and she's a front girl and not too old. I guess Aika would stay too because she's young. If it were up to me, I'd want a joint Gaki & Aika graduation..but it's obviously not. xD

Thanks for the questions!~
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Completely crushed.

So I actually woke up today in an optimistic mood. Then I checked the H!O twitter. There were tons of tweets about 3 members graduating. I gasped out loud and started to hope it was Aichan, Reina & Gaki 'cause those fools are getting fricking stale. When I scrolled down and read it was Kamei, Junjun & Linlin my mouth was literally wide open and I felt my heart sink. I was seriously in disbelief and checked the date to make sure it wasn't April Fools. It wasn't.

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